SEE: Chris Hemsworth showing muscular torso

79f49578037cb3e49009f5f2ab0773ff - SEE: Chris Hemsworth showing muscular torso

We must to this again not to think about us even extra breaking a sweat, Chris Hemsworth just do it. Without shirt, trousers low on the hips. Is good to see how he is that divine body in shape.

Chris Hemsworth

The lead actor from Avengers: Infinity War still feels a real dondergod, as he shows in his video on Instagram. Firmly boksend it seems that Chris – Thor – Hemsworth his trainer on his thunder gives, instead of the other way around. In the caption he gives than also credits to Luke Zocchi. “Cheers, for posing as a alien and you in each other for storage. Sorry for that trap in your face.”

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