’Roxeanne Hazes is happy of poo’

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How often do you hear the mothers do not say: ’your world is upside down once you have a child’. Also, Roxeanne Hazes let Sunday know that they have since the birth of the Fender things very different experience.

Roxeanne Hazes

“Success and happiness. Two words that used to be a whole different meaning had,” she writes a touching picture of herself with the small Fender on her chest. “Today, I am happy from a good night of sleep (about 3.5 hours), a satisfied smile on your face and a good poepluier. For me that is success.”

Roxeanne’s followers can not do anything else, than her words confirm. “What can you be happy with other people’s shit, eh?”, there is more to read. “That is success, and happiness in a small romper body”, writes another.

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