Roseanne in tv interview: I’ve lost everything

The actress insisted that her tweet misinterpreted.

In her first television interview since the scandal involving her sitcom of the tube was removed, calls Roseanne’s tweet to that effect led to a big mistake. “It took me everything cost, my entire life’s work.”

The comedian was full of her tweet, a racist statement to the address of former Obama associate Valerie Jarrett, misinterpreted. That was a political expression and not racial, says Roseanne. “My tweet was about the responsibility that the previous government must take for Iran policy, that Valerie Jarrett has been drawn up. From that thought I wrote ‘m.”

Presenter Sean Hannity of the program Hannity on channel Fox urged the actress to go directly to Jarrett would focus. Finally gave Roseanne and said into the camera “I’m sorry that you damaged and hurt, that I never intended and for that I offer my apologies. I’m sorry that you thought I was a racist, and that you thought my tweet racist.”

The 65-year-old, who is alternately sad and belligerent happened in the show, repeated in the interview once again that they couldn’t recognize that Jarrett African-American. “It was never my intention for someone to be hurt or anything negative to say about a whole race, and I think that that also speaks of my work of the last thirty years.” However, could the comedian not let a sneertje to share. On the question of what they Jarett would want to tell, ended her answer with: “And I would have her also say that they really have a new hairstyle. Seriously, that has really needed them.”

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