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Research into sexual misconduct of boss CBS

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Leslie Moonves, the ceo of tv network CBS in the United States, is accused of decades of sexual misconduct. One of the women who testified, is ‘Six feet under’actress Illeana Douglas. Moonves suggests itself is that he never limits exceeded.

Six women told to journalist, The New Yorker-Ronan Farrow, who was also the sexual abuse of film producer Harvey Weinstein at the elbow, that the now 68-year-old Leslie Moonves them from the 80’s to late 2000 sexually troubled in a professional environment. He touched them and kissed them under duress.

Independent directors of CBS responded in a press release that ‘all allegations of personal misconduct seriously should be taken’. Without Moonves to mention them by name, they wrote that the ” independent directors of CBS it on to the claims to investigate that the clear policy violation’.

Actress ‘Six feet under’

One of the women is ‘Six feet under’actress Illeana Douglas. She says that Moonves fired her for a new tv series in 1997, after they had refused to go to his advances. That went from ‘violent kiss’ to her curb on a couch in his office.

Another woman, scenariste, Janet Jones, said that Moonves threatened to take her career to ruin, as they would reveal that he had told her to try to kiss, when they saw him at the beginning of 1985 a scenario offered.

In a response to the New Yorker said Moonves ‘that there were times, decades back, that there may be women have felt uncomfortable with my advances’. “But I kept getting stuck to the principle that ‘no’ ‘no’ meant,” said Moonves.

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