Rapper Rascal, giving bizarre gift away

ec2ddf93357ecc3efc657af8b137a01f - Rapper Rascal, giving bizarre gift away

Rapper Rascal is the last week very generous. So verlootte he already had a complete make-over, tickets for his show, a driver’s license, a month’s rent and even a luxury vacation. Saturday he has a remarkable ’gift’ figured out…

“6th day, the 6th action, I’m a sheep to raffle to one of you,” writes Crook with a photo of the animal. “Have you always dreamed of having a sheep in your house or garden, this is the moment.”

Remarkably enough, it appears the desire to own sheep to have greater than a month, no rent to pay. His message at the time of writing, up to 8,400 responses and more than 45,000 people find the photo fun.

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