’Qatar is destroying rivals for world cup 2022’

f29afb360564c73c06dcb80f40d780cf - ’Qatar is destroying rivals for world cup 2022’

LONDON – There are new allegations that Qatar is not a pure way the organisation of the football world cup in 2022 has brought in.

The British newspaper Sunday Times claims that the country was secretly campaigned to competitors black.

The biedingscomité took an American company and former agents of the CIA in the arm to the rival bids, particularly by the United States and Australia negatively in the news. The newspaper relies on e-mails that by a whistleblower have been leaked.

Qatar was awarded in 2010 the soccer world cup of 2022 assigned. The bid of the oliestaatje got the stemmingsronde of the world association FIFA, the preferred bids from America, Australia, South Korea and Japan. From the time of the assignment, there were suspicions of corruption. A survey by the American lawyer Michael Garcia was the bribe is not evidence and spoke Qatar free.

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