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Pukkelpop is going to be cups recycling

Disposable cups or reusable cups: what is kindest to the environment? Experts are still not out, but the reusable cup may be an advantage.

In the Netherlands choose a festival as a Best Kept Secret without much of a showoff for the reusable cup, and at the Gentse Feesten, followed most of the squares in the example of Boomtown, that it already does with reusable cups.

Pukkelpop chooses a different way: it is going to be disposable cups to reuse. Or rather: beer mugs next year will be made of the disposed cups of this edition.

“During Pukkelpop will be the Maesbekers and plastic bottles be collected separately,” says Pukkelpopwoordvoerder Frederik Luyten. ‘That particular waste fraction is one hundred percent recyclable, and can therefore easily be used as a raw material. We will have at least fifteen tons petafval need to recycle in this venture to succeed, but the challenge we will be happy to.’

Pukkelpop will be 200 petvuilnisbakken on the site. Luyten: “The future will show whether this is a sustainable alternative to the disposable cups that only forty percent recycled material existence.”

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