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Preud’homme is celebrating the return to Standard with victory

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The head is off: the first match of the Jupiler Pro League-2018-2019 is over, and there was a with beautiful goals and discussion. Standard beat AA Gent 3-2 and is the first match organiser. Especially on the second goal of the Rouches will still nagekaart be, because there was a ferm buitenspelgeurtje.

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AA Gent

AA Gent-coach Yves Vanderhaeghe said before the match: ‘Last year, we are frequently disadvantaged in Liege, so I would like to now a peer to stew.’ And also today, could the team feel disadvantaged. This is why: after a strong first half of Standard, is rewarded with a goal of Djenepo, had AA Gent just before half-time levelled. Against the swing of things, but a nice goal on a good time.

A moral pick-me-up for the Buffalo so that their momentum continued and a better second half played. Not that they are Standard dominated, but the game went in any case better up and down. But then came so that 59th minute: the in Gent for Vadis sunken Esiti missed his control and tapped Mpoku in the penalty area. Yellow, penalty kick, breeze for Mpoku. The anger in Ghent was great. Not because of the error of Esiti, because Cavanda at the beginning of the action offside seemed to stand (see image below). Anyway: the VAR did not, to frustration of all that Ghent was.

A opdoffer for the visitors, especially because Dompé then the chance on the 2-2. The newcomer came only for Ochoa but blasted high over the goal. So it should not, showed his counterpart Emond. He got a half metre of space, passed Coosemans, seemed still to be missing from a sharp angle but got the 3-1 final against the nets.

Match played? No, because Gent climbed again back. The for Jaremtsjoek sunken Stallone Limbombe was barely three minutes on the field when he was a teruglegger staalhard in goal kicked: 3-2. A nice debut, this is called, but much to shoot his new team there. AA Gent tried the pressure is still on to perform, but could the first, sour defeat of the season, not avoid it. So celebrates Michel Preud’homme his return in Standard with a first victory in a winner.

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