Passengers spend the night at Munich airport

50b0cc79863b1fa84773dcf41001e6a3 - Passengers spend the night at Munich airport

MUNICH – the chaos at the airport of Munich have seven hundred people forced to spent the night on camp beds. The second airport of Germany had Saturday partly cleared, with a lot of trouble as a result. Hundreds of other injured passengers are accommodated in hotels, said a spokesman Sunday.

A woman excluded Saturday, the security of which a part of the airport was evacuated. She was Saturday morning uncontrollably past the security checks in terminal 2 come. A search for the woman was ultimately nothing.

By the partial clearance fell least 200 flights. A further sixty other flights were delayed more than half an hour. The trouble is not yet behind the back. The airport warns travelers that Sunday should be taken into account delays, cancellations and longer waiting times.

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