Palestinian verzetsheldin (17) after eight months

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JERUSALEM – The Palestinian teenage girl was arrested for assault of a soldier, will Sunday, after nearly eight months in prison to be released. Also her mother, simultaneously, was arrested, the prison exit.

Ahed Tamimi (17) was a heroine for the Palestinians after the incident on december 15, outside her home in the village of Nabi Saleh, in the occupied West Bank. It was streamed live on Facebook by her mother.

On the images to see how the women and a member of the family confrontation search with Israeli soldiers. The teenager slaps one of the men in the face. It brought her praise and criticism in Arab media, she is described as a symbol for the resistance against the Israeli authorities. Critics see her as a provocateur.

The Israeli border police arrested Saturday two Italian graffiti artists who have a large mural of the detained Tamimi made. They did that on the limes wall near Bethlehem. Also a Palestinian who was with them, was arrested, reporting the Palestinian authorities.

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