Palestinian teenage girl that Israeli soldiers beat, leaving prison

The Palestinian teenager Ahed Tamimi, who is eight months in prison spent because two Israeli soldiers had been beaten, on Sunday, released.

The gevangeniswoordvoerder said that Tamimi to a control point was established on the West bank, where she lives. Also her mother, Nariman, who was also involved in the facts, is released.

Tamimi received worldwide fame when her resistance against the Israeli army in the West Bank was filmed. For a military court demanded the prosecution ten years in prison. Tamimi had the soldiers pushed and a bit after another forces her cousin had shot. Later that year, shots of soldiers another cousin of Tamimi’s death.

Hundreds of Tamimi’s

The process-Tamimi was seen worldwide as an example of a runaway culture of safety, in which Palestinians are severely punished for these are just trivial things. Each year, 700 children and young people, sometimes not older than twelve years, for an Israeli military court. So, there are hundreds of Tamimi’s.

Now comes Tamimi free. But, as she had earlier in an interview said, is that freedom is relative: ‘Any moment I can expect a soldier to me or my friends coming in and shoot. You lose every joy.’

Press conference

Ahed will be a press conference hold in her village, Nebi Saleh. That village would soon be demolished. There is systematic land taken from Palestinian residents (according to the international law with illegal settlements for israelis. While the inhabitants of Nebi Saleh, less water and their olive groves are burned, the Jewish newcomers in the neighbouring Halamish water and new homes.

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