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Ostend of Verheyen works hard and wins openingsmatch

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KV Oostende is the season started with a victory, but that took blood, sweat and tears. Mouscron came in the first half on edge in the Versluys Arena, but the Kustploeg thanked a flaterende goalkeeper Werner to rest at the same height. When the Henegouwers with ten came after red for Godeau, pushed Ostend by and Canesin resulted in for the 2-1 victory. Gert Verheyen starts with a three pointer to his new role. Mouscron finished the game with nine, after red for Diedhiou in the slotseconden of the injury time.

‘It will not again…’, the supporters of KV Oostende have thought of. Last year lost KVO on the openingsspeeldag against Mouscron, the prelude of a bleak season. Yesterday seemed like a half a long time to display dattum, to Verheyen during the procedure and the KVO still about Mouscron went. A relief with the move to Anderlecht this coming.

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KV Oostende


They had so long awaited. The opener against Mouscron should be a festive start of the new KV Oostende, the team that Gert Verheyen managed to convince a first adventure as clubcoach. Of festivities, however, there was hardly any. The eyebrows were a first time gefronst when Tomasevic in the team was to the detriment of Lombaerts. A second time when the contest a quarter of an hour was in progress. No decent combination, a festival of misunderstandings and false passes. Players who, along with two at the same time, a kopduel into the opponent. Others who over each other, walked. It was at times pure slapstick.

The high point came when a rotslechte Tomasevic – Lombaerts kuchte even loud – the ball sending it in to Olinga. That was Sambu and Ostend was behind. The only tegenprik: a vrijschop of Guri. Dramatically. The ghost of last season loomed again. KVO started under Vanderhaeghe with 1 21 after loss against Mouscron in the openingsspeeldag home lost. It seemed like a déjà vu. Verheyen overreacted apparently not when he was on the match and reported that all had not been top was. Because that was still slightly expressed.

We must give him that: the match overturn, did Verheyen itself. Nkaka – what was eaten? and Rajsel remained inside, Brown and jeugdproduct Ndenbe stood on the kick-off during the second half. Nkaka was still busy with the losknopen of its laces as Capon after less than 10 seconds, the equalizer scored, Guri was the principal.

The equalizer made sure of a sudden, however, life and belief was in the game Oostende. Not that all of a sudden, rushed to the sea, but the sand that during the first half with baking in the machine put out, it turned out discharged. Mouscron that during the first half so cunning presented, went backwards crawl, and gave the football players of KVO space. Brown manifested, Canesin was better between the lines play. And actually had Guri always have to score after a mistrap of Godeau, who ten minutes later was allowed to take a shower, when he a second time yellow grabbed. It could not be otherwise, or Mouscron was now cracking.

It was eventually Canesin that the victory at the sea loved. The Brazilian was on the right side of the street sent off and kicked out about Werner. The shirt went down and was met with a smack against the ground. Mouscron finished itself yet nine when Diedhiou after an intervention by the VAR with red inside, was sent off in injury time after a elbow strike. It had blood, sweat and tears to put together, but KV Oostende started unlike last season, however, with a good sense and a victory as a buffer.

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