Mourinho: Players deserve a holiday’

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MANCHESTER – Manchester United is one of the European top clubs that play in the International Champions Cup. The Red Devils won after penalty shoot-out by Milan and lost to Liverpool. The level is not what coach José Mourinho expected.

Preferably 101.254 people showed up for the match between the English clubs in Michigan. If Mourinho had located, he had advised to concentrate not to come and watch . “The atmosphere was good, but if I was then I was stayed at home. I would be my money not spend for these teams to see the work”, was the Portuguese his laconic self.

“I watched the game between Chelsea and Inter on the tv. The people there had decided that the beach was better than football, because the stadium was empty. The people here showed how much they have of these clubs. They just want their clubs to enjoy, that is great. They have given everything they had. The atmosphere was also great.”


“The passion that Us fans have for football is, however, better. They deserve the best teams. But what passion creates, is quality. Good players, good teams. You have a good Liverpool-Manchester United, a good Manchester United-Real Madrid. But then you have the world CHAMPIONSHIP and no respect for players and clubs. Players earn holiday. This is so confusing,” says Mourinho.

“I find it really sad for the people that already since 2004, the football trying to promote in this country, the way in which they invest to be the best clubs to here. We and some other clubs, not Liverpool, are not able to people are top quality.”

“And the referees…” laughed Mourinho. “They were called by the baseballfederatie and thought that evening was. They came here, and saw suddenly that it is a football match. We have us amused.”

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