Mostra-shows off with “best program ever”

The international film festival of Venice takes this year off with a host of world premieres, the film buff to get your mouth watering. Judging by the resounding names that are on the program features, this would be the “best edition ever”, said it was. Over the past few years was the Mostra on two pillars – arthousefilms and Oscarmateriaal – and that this year, for edition, 75 of the world’s oldest film festival is no different.

The official liège has (provisionally) 21 movies. ‘First Man’, the film of Damian Chazelle about astronaut Neil Armstrong, opens on 29 August the festivities. Two years ago, was his ‘La La Land’ even though the festivalopener.

Other well-known names on the list of films eligible for the Golden Lion are the French Olivier Assayas (‘Doubles Vies”) and Jacques Audiard (the dark westernkomedie ‘The Sisters Borothers’), the Mexicans Alfonso “Harry Potter” Cuaron (the black-and-white twisted ‘Roma’) and Carlos Reygadas (‘Nuestro Tiempo’), the British Mike Leigh (‘Peterloo’) and Paul Greengrass (’22 july, the Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Breivik) and the brothers Joel and Ethan Coen (the westernbloemlezing ‘The Ballad of Buster Scruggs’). The two Frenchmen are odd ducks in the pond: they are actually prominent guests of Cannes.

It is also looking forward to ‘Work ohne Autor’, the latest work by Florian Heckel von Donnersmark, the German, the film ‘Das Leben der anderen’ donated, to ‘Sunset’ of Laszlo Nemes, Hungarian “Son of Saul” the Holocaustfilm renewed, and “At eternity’s gate’, a film about Vincent Van Gogh by artist-director Julian Schnabel, whose oeuvre gems as ‘Basquiat’, ‘Before night falls’ and ‘La Scaphandre et le papillon’. The Greek Yorgos Lanthimos, author of a series of bizarre films in iconic style, will be present with ‘The Favourite’, allegedly a royal comedy.

Of the wreath of selected Italian films (including the work of Mario Martone and Roberto Minervini) is likely to be Luca Guadagnino – creator of the successful “Call me by your name’ – will steal the show. He beheld a remake of the giallo-horror ‘Suspiria’ by Dario D’argento. With interest will look at the “gothic-the movie” ‘The Nightingale’ by Jennifer Kent, ‘the Killing’ from Shinya Tsukamoto. The Japanese, well known as an actor in the groundbreaking ‘Tetsuo’movies, is the only Asian in the company, and that on a festival that many Asian winners has produced, and is the only female director in the suit, which immediately, for any indignation at the film critics made. The Australian gained his greatest fame as an actress in ‘Babe’) and made his debut only four years ago, behind the camera, with the eerie ‘Babadook’.

Complete the competieluik: ‘The Mountain’ of the American writer Rick Alverson, ‘Vox Lux’, especially as an actor, well-known Brady Corbet, ‘Frères Ennemis’ by David Oelhoffen, the French director of ‘Loin des hommes’ and ‘Acusada’ of the Argentine Gonzalo Tobal.

The lack of Asians in the competitieluik is gecompenseeerd by the presence of former Golden Lion-winners Zhang Yimou and Tsai Ming-Liang out of competition. Out of competition are also ‘A Star is Born’ of Bradley Cooper (with Lady Gaga as the star in the making) and “Les Estivants” of actress-director Valeria Bruni Tedeschi is shown. The Israeli Amos Gitai is doing out of competition even twice.

The biggest eye-catcher in the off-competitiongedeelte is, however, Orson Welles. The headstrong man who, according to many, the best film ever made (Citizen Kane) is ‘The Other Side of the Wind” films.

The main prizes will be this year awarded by a jury under the direction of Guillermo del Toro. Who won last year in the Gathering of the Golden lion with ‘The Shape of Water’.

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