Milow on the receipt during concert Qmusic

The Sunset Concerts of Qmusic a shot in the bull’s-eye, that was the past few weeks once again, makes his performance of last week for an acrid aftertaste in the Netherlands. Each time, several thousand people visit the beach of Ostend stooped to there to enjoy a live concert and that was Wednesday night. Wednesday night was the turn of the Netherlands to the people on the beach of Ostend an unforgettable evening. Almost 9,000 people came to the Q Beachhouse enjoy the beautiful music of Milow and that caused a surprise of size. During his last song, “Dance to the ocean,” cried the singer, the audience, to take him to the sea to follow. Milow went with the clothes and all the water in for a dip in the warm sea. And that was not to the liking of the police of the city of Ostend. According to The Newspaper got Milow even a GAS penalty because he was after half seven in the evening went swimming in the sea. Also Qmusic-presenter Vincent Fierens will in his purse diving. Strikingly, the other about a hundred people who Milow until the water followed, received no penalty. According to the police was the safety of the people in danger due to the dip in the water. According to Qmusic was fresh dive is not planned, and they see how this type of excesses in the future to avoid it. And Milow? That has without doubt enjoyed the coolness.
The Sunset Concert of Milow is on Friday 3 August 2018, around midnight sent out for Q2.

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