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Milow fined after dip with fans

What do you do after a concert on the beach of Ostend? ‘Refreshment find, ” thought Milow (37). And so plunged the singer – with clothes – to the sea, and hundreds of fans followed him. ‘Irresponsible’, the police found, that Milow prompt a GAS-fine wrote.

With almost 9,000 were they, the fans that Wednesday night were off to the beach of Ostend for the Sunset Concert of Milow. The hits Ayo Technology, You and Me, You Don’t Know and Howling At The Moon passed in review. “My most tropical songs’, called Milow. ‘A soundtrack for this beautiful sunset.’

And also the sea inspired Milow apparently. During the last number – applicable Dance On The Ocean – did he take off his shoes. ‘Everyone who wants to swim, come with us,’ he exclaimed. While the band further played, ran Milow the beach, and he went – with his clothes on in the sea. Hundreds of spectators jumped after him.

‘An unforgettable moment’, according to the fans. ‘Irresponsible’, is the response of the police. After half past six in the evening, it is forbidden to swim in the sea, because there is no lifeguard surveillance. “This situation was out of hand,” says police chief Carlo Smits. “Everyone ran Milow chasing. More than a thousand people were in the water, a hundred is really in the sea go swimming. A very dangerous situation. Many people underestimate the power of the sea.”

Impulsive moment

The Sunset Concerts lure each time a mass of people to the beach. ‘There is a method agreed to have the site secure to manage, ” says the police. “The terrace is closed when the capacity is reached. But by personal actions as yesterday, the safety is compromised. Last year decided Gers Pardoel yet to married. That’s what you do at Graspop, but not in public where children are, ” says commissioner Smith.

With Qmusic, they are bored with the incident. The video of the dive was yesterday of the site, and also on the radio there was not a word about the incident. “It was an impulsive moment, inspired by the artist, caused by the tropical heat and the euphoria after the fantastic gig,” says spokeswoman Anja Peleman. “For the next concerts will we still have to take into account all possible, even unexpected and impulsive scenarios. In close cooperation with the services of the city of Ostend.’

Milow may in the meantime, a GAS-fine. Q-presenter Vincent Fierens flies on the receipt. His colleague Sam De Bruyn went up to knee height in the water for a selfie with Milow, but escaped a fine. Also the hundreds of fans who are in the sea, went to go unpunished. “Because of impossible to identify.’

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