Michelle Williams wants to mental issues discussable

Michelle Williams has her followers in a Instagrambericht thanks for all the support. The 37-year-old singer let us know that they still want more bets to mental disorders to create discussion.

“I want to thank everyone for all the sweet messages and support! My family, friends and fiancé are fantastic,” says Michelle. While she looks back over the past two weeks she says that it is not her intent was that her personal problems might be known. “But now that the case is, I am even more committed to mental issues, to create discussion.”

She has been working hard to overcome her depression. “You have to work, even when you feel tired or the weight of the world on your shoulders feels. Take a step at a time and do not ask too much of yourself. If you only get out of bed, your teeth can brushing and showering… do it. For people with depression is that already a big step. Don’t be depressed and dirty. Pick a fight,” laughs Williams.

The Destiny’s Child singer reported earlier this month at a psychiatric clinic. Michelle is struggling since her teens with depression.

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