Michelle Williams grateful for the support Jessica Chastain in loonconflict

The actress only got a thousand dollars for ten extra days.

Actress Michelle Williams gives Jessica Chastain compliments because they feel commitment to equal lonnen in the film industry.

Director Ridley Scott decided last year to Christopher Plummer to hire Kevin Spacey as oliemagnaat J. Paul Getty in the biographical thriller to be replaced, after Spacey had been accused of sexual misconduct. Cast and crew were recalled to the set for a shoot of ten days in november. Later it turned out that Jessica is still not a thousand dollars earned for the additional scenes, while her co-star Mark Wahlberg $ 1.5 million opstreek for the same work.

Michelle says that there are plenty of signals were about unequal payment, but that no one there did. Until her friend Jessica at the beginning of this year asked if she could be tweeting about the huge wage gap between men and women. The tweet came just before the launch of Time’s Up-movement against inequality and harassment at the workplace. That caused a storm of publicity and there was the Oscar-nominated Michelle is not prepared for it.

“I’m never really in the centre of such a major event. Only in the case of a tragic death,” she told the magazine Vanity Fair, referring to the tragic loss of her ex Heath Ledger in 2008, the father of her 12-year-old daughter Matilda.

She was quickly inundated with calls and messages after the post of Jessica, viral was gone.

The scandal was for Wahlberg rise to his fee in Michelle’s name to give to the Time’s Up Defence Fund, that beginning in 2018 was established to provide legal support to victims of sexual assault. The bosses at William Morris Endeavour (WME), the talentbureau that both Michelle as Mark represents, donated $ 500,000.

Instead of WME to dump to a agent to find which is better for her salary fight, decided Michelle to her agent Brent Morley of WME. “I believe in second chances”, she explained.

Michelle has since learned that women have a lot of power if they unite. “I was on my own and could not change anything,” she said. “But things have become possible because we have joined forces. And that is really what was needed: someone who is at the head of the peloton, Jessica Chastain, drew me to her.”

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