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Mia Doornaert: ‘smear Campaign against me is politically motivated’

In a response to the fuss that arose after her nomination as chairman of the Flemish Fund for the Arts, says Mia Doornaert with her earlier criticism of the author Bleri Lleshi not the man was allowed to play. But the criticism of her calls them politically motivated.

After Lleshi had been accused of ” racist and islamophobic opinions’, called Doornaert the author in Knack, a ‘marginal man’. By that statement called different authors Doornaert then again unfit for the job as chairman of the Flemish Fund for the Arts. The N-VA has her two weeks ago for that function are pushed forward.

“I had a Knack not ad hominem, you need to play, I have to admit,” says Doornaert, that her apologised. “But I’m very, very angry when people me racist names. I think that is much worse than if it was a “marginal woman” would have called. I was even more angrier because Lleshi me with lies attacking, and words from my columns completely twisted.’

The fuss about her nomination, according to her ‘politically motivated’. “I’m not left and liberal, and think that criticism of all religious and philosophical beliefs in a secular society to freedom of conscience and expression belongs to. As me with some suspicious, who polarizes it, then?’

Doornaert around the criticism that they have too little connection with the book trade would have. ‘Of course, appoint one chairman who is not passionate about literature and language,” she says. “And I am. Since I at the age of five have learned to read, I books continue to be devoured.’

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