Memoirs Hannah Gadsby appear in English

The Australian stand-upcomedian Hannah Gadsby has been the recent appearance of her representation ” on Netflix fast name in our region. Uitgeverij Nijgh & Van Ditmar is there as the chickens at ‘Ten Steps to Nanette’ in English, the memoirs of the Tasmania-born performer.

In her biography writes Gadsby, which is itself homophobia experienced, according to the publisher “a frank, touching, but also with a lot of humor about growing up in an extremely conservative environment”. Further, exposed them to “how society, our identity can break but also powerful”.

The show of Gadsby is determined not only to have a laugh. Viewers worldwide are also experiencing grief and dismay by what she has to say. In a rave review, described The Morning – quoting the Volkskrant – her show recently as “radical, crushing, emotional blow”. In the same piece was Gadsby also referred to as “the comedian that there are actually no wants to be”.

The translation of her book will not be released until next year, so it is expected.

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