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Manchester United have injured Nemanja Matic to miss at competitiestart

Manchester United-coach Jose Mourinho during the first matches of the Premier League not to rely on Serbian midfielder Nemanja Matic. That confirmed the Portuguese on the clubwebsite. The Serb could face a buikblessure.

The 29-year-old Matic ran during the last world cup, where he and Serbia three group matches and completing it, an injury. “There’s something that happened, ‘ explained Mourinho. “Then he is on vacation, but ultimately he has too little rest. After his vacation, he is directly treatment went. He misses the competitiestart. We still don’t know how long he is out will be.”

Matic joined the selection of Manchester United, the season is prepared in the United States, on 22 July. Two days later he trained for the first time, but now, he leaves the selection again.

Manchester United will open the Premier League on Friday 10 August with a home match against Leicester City.

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