‘Majority of Iranian women against the compulsory hijab’

437c811e8fe4a2ddd5999fae4111375f - ‘Majority of Iranian women against the compulsory hijab’

A majority of women in Iran is against the mandatory headscarf in the country. From a study of the Iranian parliament turns out, according to Iranian media that 55 percent of women find that wearing an islamic headscarf voluntarily should be and so is no longer required. Most of that 55 percent would also not wear a headscarf more wear if it is not required anymore.

Especially at highly-skilled women in Iran lose the headscarf is important, so is it in the study. Currently, women and girls from nine years compulsory, a headscarf and a long robe to wear, to hair and body contours in public to hide it. Who the rule of no respect, threatens to be arrested by the religious police. Nevertheless, scarves becoming smaller and smaller and the jackets shorter.

Recently, the prosecutor general of Iran, Mohammad Jafar Montazeri, the battle against the wearing of ‘onislamitische’ clothes by Iranian women has failed. Violent police action and legal action against the women have in the last four decades yielded nothing, and “only the international image of the country is harmed,” he said.

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