Lozano: “At the moment, I’ll stay with PSV

EINDHOVEN – Hirving Lozano fell twenty minutes before time at PSV during the practice game against Valencia (2-1 win) and the Mexican received a standing ovation.

Hirving Lozano put a passing action against Valencia defender Martin Montoya.

“It is always a party how I dealt with here,” said Lozano after Fox Sports. “I am pleased that we have a good game, have played and we need to continue where last season ended: the titles win. We need to us as soon as possible, the style fitting that the new coach (Mark van Bommel, ed.) wants.”

Germany a dream

The PSV fans saw the highlight of last season during the world cup in Mexico with a sensational victory at (then reigning world champion) of Germany delivered. “Playing and scoring against Germany in a world cup was a dream come true”, twinkelden the eyes of Lozano. “The goal was the best moment of my career, the whole tournament was always a unique experience.”

With his goal, drew Lozano, emphatically, the attention, and the big question, then, is whether the Mexican, even after the transferdeadline still PSV’there is. “At this time I will stay at PSV”, smiled the Truth is number 11. “But we’ll see what will happen. I am in any case happy in Eindhoven.”

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