Longest reigning prime minister in the world had ten years to stay in power

The Cambodians draw Sunday to the polls for parliamentary elections which critics say the lack of opposition, no real elections.

’Death of democracy’, was the headline in the English newspaper the Phnom Penh Post on november 17, 2017. A day earlier, the Cambodian supreme court, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), the main opposition party against the regime of premier hun Sen, is dissolved.

Hun Sen, a former commander of the Khmer rouge that turned against the regime, and returned, has been around since 1985 at the power. He runs an authoritarian regime that ruthlessly acting against dissidents. He and his family members that he and senior management have placed, with the frequency of the clock being accused of corruption and self-enrichment. According to the magazine The Diplomat have Their Sen and his neighbor more than a hundred Cambodian companies in the hands.

Already 33 years in power

The 65-year-old prime minister has already said that he is on top of the 33 years that he has been in power, even 10 years wants to stay on. Cambodians will Sunday ‘use of their rights and freedom to decide about the future of the country in a free, fair and just elections, ” said hun Sen on Facebook. He picks up in his campaign, especially with the solid economic growth of approximately seven percent per year.

According to critics, however, there can be no talk of a fair election since the opposition is sidelined. “The CPP (the ruling party, ed.) it is certain, ever since the day that the CNRP is dissolved, ” said Phil Robertson of Human Rights Watch to the German news agency dpa. There are nineteen smaller, less well-known parties.

Fines for boycott

Members of the banned opposition party CNRP posted on Facebook a photo with clean fingers, to indicate that they are on election day is no ink on their fingers would get. Ink is used to indicate who has voted.

The electoral commission has developed a survey to five of them open because they are that way calls for a boycott of the elections. Minister of the Interior Sar Kheng has previously said that people who call for a boycott fines of more than 4.200 euro.

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