Letter of Martin Luther King sold for 95.000 dollar

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A letter from Martin Luther King (1966), against the war in Vietnam, has a 95,000 dollar raised.

Dr. Martin Luther King

In the letter, is to read how Martin Luther King speaking out against the war in Vietnam. He wrote the letter on september 26, 1966 at Mrs. S. S. Blakney. Page Six quotes a part from the letter: “The inequalities of the current military design system impose an unequal burden on the negermensen for service in Vietnam. We believe that it is a gross injustice to a man to ask for in such a war is to fight at home humiliations and defacto slavery in his own country to face.”

The letter was sold by Moments in Time, a trader specialized in the buying and selling of autographs, letters, manuscripts and signed photos. According to them, it is the only letter of the activist on the market in which he spoke out about the Vietnam war.

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