Left-wing parties should a motion of distrust against government-Macron

As a result of the case-Benalla have three left-wing parties a joint motion of no confidence against the French government submitted.

The fractions of Nouvelle Gauche (socialist), GDR (communist) and La France insoumise (extreemlinks) got behind the text, which, according to the newspaper Le Monde , reports of a ‘serious dysfunction of the top of the state. The motion was Friday filed in the French national Assembly, similar to the Chamber of Deputies.

‘The confidence that the people must give the government and its institutions, is thus violated. The national Assembly should have the opportunity to speak out about the responsibility of the government and revocation of the trust’, so is still in motion.

Tuesday discussed

Thursday had been the right-wing opposition party, Les Républicains (LR) a motion of no confidence submitted. Both texts will be Tuesday together will be discussed in the hemisphere. There will be two separate votes. Not that there is anything expected, because the party of president Emmanuel Macron (La République en marche, eds.) has the majority in the Assembly.

In France last week, a political storm erupted around the unveiling of a video that show how Alexandre Benalla, at the time the security employee of president Macron, demonstrators violently tackled during a demonstration on 1 may in Paris. Benalla was shortly after two weeks suspended, but the court was not informed.


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