Kuwaiti model (27) shows slavendrijver

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A 27-year-old model from Kuwait has controversial public statements about her Filipino workers. This was her price. Several major fashion brands have cooperation with the model now cancelled.

Sondos al Qattan finds it annoying that she has her Filipino workers a day in the week off should give

In Kuwait, have been recently new rules were introduced to make the lives of Filipino migrant workers to improve. They are in the Middle East often severely underpaid, live as slaves and be mistreated and raped, writes WNL. They have no leg to stand on, because their employers their passport. According to the new rules, it should not be longer. Also is there a limit to their working hours: up to twelve hours per day. Per month they need a minimum of four days off.

Model Sondos Al Qattan will find the rules, but nothing, she shared in a video on Instagram with her 2.3 million followers. “How can you be a ‘maid’ as they have their passport with them. As they depart to their own country, who is going to make me a refund? And what’s worse, is that they every week have a day.”

A group for Filipino workers abroad Migrant, International calls Al Qattan a ’slavendrijver’. Now they have a scoop on top done. She finds that she has the right to have the passports of its workers to keep its ” interests as an employer to secure’.

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