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Kevin Borlée beats brother Jonathan in the last test for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS, Dauwens should not go to Berlin

Kevin Borlée has Saturday’s 400 metres win at the Flanders Cup athletics in Ninove. He walked with a tremendously strong wind to 45.59. Jonathan Borlée was second in 45.90.

The chrono may still not be a problem, but Kevin Borlée had a fat week for the start of the european CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in Berlin a more than decent impression in Ninove. The fierce wind prevented, however, running a personal best. It was Jonathan Borlée who have fastest left, but he had that in the last straight line to pay. Julien Watrin continued with 47.33 again Alexander Doom (47.71), and appears as the sixth place in the Belgian 4×400 meter assured to have. The other Belgian Tornados are the three brothers Borlée, Jonathan Sacoor and Robin Vanderbemden.

“The feeling was good,” says Kevin Borlée. “I think I have the legs to get under the 45 seconds to dive. The first 200 metres, you could just not hard deal with that wind today. Jonathan tried that yet, but paid the cash at the end. I am since the BK in the good rhythm. I never went with so few games in the legs to a big tournament, but I need to do with it. I will try my experience out to play.”

“A topchrono was simply impossible with the wind”, came Jonathan Borlée his twin brother. “But this wedstrijdprikkel, I had absolutely necessary at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS. I feel better every day, and though I was rather more confident to Berlin gone, I feel okay. The beat finally starts to come. The turning point was in Heusden, where the feeling for the first time was good.”

PR for Robin Vanderbemden, Axelle Dauwens retrieves EK not

Robin Vanderbemden Saturday at the Flanders Cup meeting in Ninove, his personal record in the 200 metres is adjusted to 20.43. Axelle Dauwens knew in the 400 meter hurdles, her last chance for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS athletics not to intervene. She was fifth in 57.53, the limit is at 56.68.

Vanderbemden picked up the win in Ninove, and knew, despite a head wind of 0.3 metres per second a great time to put down. He slides a week before the start of the european CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in Berlin on the sixteenth place on the European ranking. “I’m ready”, responded Vanderbemden short. “This chrono should in principle always be sufficient for a final. A medal seems to me to be high king.”

In the 400 meter hurdles for the women was the profit for the Canadian Kelsey Balkwill in 56.34. Dauwens started quickly, but was between 200 and 300 metres a lot of time. Her 57.53 means a best season time.

Cynthia Bolingo, who at the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in the 400 meters to come out, went in Ninove for the double 200-400. In the 200 meters she ran a best season time of 23.50, on the 400 metres she ran a 53.33. Earlier this season klokte they 52.07.

The American Amore Webb suggested on the 100 meters, the Flanders Cup record to 10.07.

Renée Eykens is third and seems painful foot just for EK under control

Renée Eykens is Saturday, third place in the 800 metres from the Flanders Cup athletics in Ninove. They klokte 2:02.65, her best season time is at 2:00.92.

All months is Renée Eykens, the reigning European beloftekampioene and halvefinaliste of the Olympic Games in Rio, the loser with a painful foot. At the beginning of July aggravated the injury yet, and she had the endurance training is temporarily stopped and the Night of Athletics in Heusden of her schedule permitted. Now, on the ninth day of the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin, it goes slightly better with the foot of the 800 meterloopster.

“My foot has held today. Hopefully, I say that tomorrow also”, responded Eykens. “The last couple of weeks is some better weather and I can get thorough training in finishing. Gone is the pain but impossible at the same time, top-level training and an injury let it heal. I do think that my foot is on the european CHAMPIONSHIPS under control, but the problem is mainly that it is my preparation severely disrupted. Over my chrono today can I in that respect, don’t complain.”

Aaron Botterman came in the 800 metres at his last attempt for the umpteenth time this season, very close to the EC limit. He left 1:46.93 recording, while for Berlin 1:46.70 was needed. Jan Van Den Broeck, multiple participant of european CHAMPIONSHIPS and world CHAMPIONSHIPS, took in Ninove farewell with a 1:53.34.

Pieter-Jan Hannes and Robin Hendrix can last EK-chance 1,500 metres do not use

Pieter-Jan Hannes and Robin Hendrix, there are Saturday in Ninove is not managed on the 1,500 meters for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin. Hendrix was the best Belgian in 3:39.11, Hannes followed in 3:41.33. For Berlin was 3:38.10 necessary.

To beyond 1,000 meters was a group of three Belgians, with Tarik Mourkime that 200 meters before the end got out of the car, on schedule for the EK-limit. In the final, he managed our compatriots, however, not to the pace sufficiently high to keep. The victory went to the Frenchman Rabii Doukkana in 3:36.13. Hendrix ran earlier this season the EK-limit on the 5,000 metres, but may as the fourth Belgian season behind Soufiane Bouchikhi, Bashir Abdi and Isaac Kimeli not to the CHAMPIONSHIP.

Pieter-Jan Hannes would be with his level of in 2014, when he was 3:34.49 ran, to the favorites in Berlin. He is, however, not in. “It felt less good than last week in Heusden”, responded Hannah. “I had to really work to be there to continue to hang today, and it was always one or two secondjes too hard for me. I sit on one side with a rotgevoel, but myself on the other hand, not reproaching. After my more hassle in the winter is the european CHAMPIONSHIPS just two months too early.”

Anne Zagré runs aground 100 metres hurdles at six hundredths of EK athletics

Anne Zagré Saturday in Ninove the 100 meter hurdles is won in 13.23. In the series earlier in the evening she did even better with 13.18, but they did not meet the 13.12 which was necessary to qualify for the european CHAMPIONSHIPS of athletics in Berlin.

In the series had Zagré the resistance of the Dutch Nadine Visser, who to 13.23 came, but signed off for the final. Therein had Zagré so without any significant competition and she grabbed the win in 13.23. “Sin I in the final not really competition,” responded Zagré. “This was my hardest season ever. I am still in a lot of pain, and that has been the case since april. I have constant knee pain, and that was very difficult. Actually, it is even more beautiful that I still 13.15 ran on the BK.”

Zagré will be the european CHAMPIONSHIPS in Berlin, from 7 to 12 August, at home, from her seat to follow. “That is a very strange feeling. I’ve never seen a tournament missed in my career, not even in the jeugdreeksen. Since 2007 I each year a great championship run. I will not know what to do in the month of August. I run no games more this year. I don’t see what the purpose of that would be.”

Michael Obasuyi the only Belgian still manages to places for european athletics

Michael Obasuyi has Saturday in Ninove posted for the european CHAMPIONSHIP of athletics in Berlin. He was fourth in the 110 meter hurdles in 13.75, while the barely 18-year-old hurdler as a promise had had enough to 13.85.

The gain on the 110 meter hurdles went in Ninove to the Noor Vladimir Vukikevic in 13.58, Obasuyi finished fourth. Earlier this season the West-Flanders still handsome fourth at the world CHAMPIONSHIPS U20 in the Finnish Tampere. There were the hurdles to 99 inches, with the big boys is that 1m06. “The transition to the high hurdles went surprisingly smooth,” according to Obasuyi. “I don’t know how I today must feel and believe there is actually nothing that I as soon have walked. I’ve got to the world cup for juniors, to the ultimate, and that I then immediately so hard to go on an other hordehoogte, I think, is quite a punishment.”

Obasuyi improved with 13.75 Belgian record U20 on the seniorenhoogte. That stood since 1995, in the name of Sven Pieters with 13.82. “What this season is added is just bonus, and then enjoy. Especially with the eye on the next few years, this is quite promising.”

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