Kanye West writes about zelfmoordgedachtes

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After seeing the documentary about Alexander McQueen, who in 2010 committed suicide, tells Kanye West openly about his own zelfmoordgedachtes.

Kanye West

“I could really Alexander McQueen move,” writes Kanye on Twitter. “I know how it feels when you get back a grip on your life trying to get, even if that means that you are responsible your life needs to end.”

“I have these thoughts more often and I want to tell you what I’ve done to be a good place to stay. How to make sure you don’T commit suicide: Make sure you stay away from people that cause you to end your life want to create.”

It is not the first time that Kanye talks about his dark thoughts. “I have very often thought, it is always an option”, he at that time know. “I now have this revelation, because I have not done, but I already had it completely mapped out. If I had not done this, there was perhaps a chance that it had happened.”

Do you need help? Please contact the help – and preventielijn ’Suicide? Talk about it’. Tel: 0900-0113 or

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