Janine Abbring sail at your own curiosity

Janine Abbring trust for the presentation of the Summer on her own curiosity. In addition, she prepares ’best possible’ for by reading. “And that’s the way”, says the presenter. “It sounds simple, but that is perhaps?”

Janine Abbring

Yet dare I not to say that she is totally ready for the new series of the Summer, that Sunday start. “I don’t know if I really ever feel will have ‘ready’ for, but will also with my perfectionism. There is always another book you can read, or even a movie that you can watch, but at a certain point you have to trust the editors and yourself, and just go.”

Actress and theatre maker Romana Peace is the first summer guest by Janine to the tongue is felt on her perfect televisieavond. The next few weeks pan also football coach Louis van Gaal, internet pioneer Marleen Stikker, author Pieter Waterdrinker, minister Eric Wiebes and psychotherapist Esther Perel in her.

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Learning new things

“I have no pre-conceived advanced interviewstrategie or so, or a trick that I can apply,” says Janine, who has her second season of the Summer on the same approach as her first series. “The preparation is actually exactly the same as last year. I close myself up to six weeks is reasonable for the outside world and dive into the head of the guest, on the basis of the extensive research that the editors do.”

For the one guest must be Janine longer in the book-diving for the other. “By Wiebes, I have the advantage that I own for many years in the epicenter of the Groningen earthquake zone have lived. I know what is going on, am also still very involved in that issue, I follow that news. My football knowledge on the other hand left much to be desired, so I read me more in that area. That is also the fun for me in the Summer, that I have new things to learn, and me studying things that I might have otherwise, with a bow around it laveer.”

Always prove

The presenter can also enjoy the evening conversations, after the first few minutes. “Therein, the nerves still slightly the upper hand. I can also sincerely look forward to specific fragments in the evening, I was on my note look and think: yes, that is very impressive scene or that beautiful song will come later still.”

That they last year mainly received positive reviews for her conversation with the mayor of Amsterdam Eberhard van der Laan gave Janine the Sonja Barend Award – now for the extra pressure. “That I feel, but I also felt like the last year not so well was gone. Counter-clockwise or clockwise, you should give yourself again and again to prove it.”

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