Janine Abbring ’little bang’ for Louis van Gaal

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It will not surprise you, but Janine Abbring has Saturday confirmed that it is indeed summer guest Louis van Gaal is who she stomach ache.

Janine Abbring is a little afraid of Louis van Gaal

That tells the host of the Summer in an interview with As interviewer Chris Helt her asks if she is afraid of Louis van Gaal, she responds: “A little.” To self-direct to defend. “But according to me, everyone is always a little bit afraid for Van Gaal yet? It is an impressive man!”. And according to Janine Abbring makes precisely the tension that Van Gaal always know to call him to an interesting guest.

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She fears not for a failed show, if the with the famous football coach, not an in-depth conversation. “You always have the fragments as a life buoy, so that helps. And he has things that he wants to tell. Anyway, you do three hours of television, and also fun tv. And if you then still have a level higher be able to lift, yes, that is the question.”

The interviewer confronts her with the choice for minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Eric Wiebes of the VVD as a summer guest, while Abbring member of the Party for the Animals. “Ehh yes, I do, I do, and that is mainly with my work for Sundays, Well, never active statements about my political preferences. But even though if you to my Twitter follows, you know really that I’m not anti Party for the Animals. Every interviewer has his own political orientation?”.

Summer begins Sunday evening at 20.15 hours on Nederland 2.

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