Jane Fonda confirms sequel to 9 to 5

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The story of the film continues according to the actress up to date

Jane Fonda, Dolly Parton and Lily Tomlin play a sequel to 9 to 5, the American comedy film from 1980 in which three female employees take revenge on their sexist boss. According to Jane Fonda, it is intended that the hoofdrolspeelsters of yesteryear in the future. That she told, according to Deadline at a meeting of the Television Critics Association (TCA).

According to Jane Fonda, the story is still current, because the workplace, for women, is still an emotionally charged place. In the eighties, when the film was a hit, women could ask the leadership of the company to sexual harassment, to denounce. “Today, a large part of the work is outsourced, in which women hardly know where their complaints,” said Fonda. “In addition, employees are spied on via social media and e-mail,” warned them.

In February of this year, it was announced that 20th Century Fox is working on a reprise. 9 to 5 is also known from the eponymous song by Dolly Parton. The film also served as the basis for a musical in the United States and Great Britain, for which Parton the lyrics and music wrote.

Jane Fonda is since 2015 with Lily Tomlin to see it in the Netflixserie in Grace And Frankie, in which the two the titelrollen play.

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