James Caan and Ellen Burstyn in romkom

The film is based on the experiences of the grandmother of one of the producers.

Hollywoodveteranen Ellen Burstyn (85) and James Caan (78) are shown together in the romantic comedy Welcome To Pine Grove! They play residents of a senior apartment building that fall.

In the film plays Burstyn as a widow who has her take up residence in the retirement community and find that the just the high school, with various cliques and constant flirting. Even though she was there first, nothing to do, will find them eventually friends and she gets feelings for another new resident, played by Caan.

Welcome To Pine Grove! is based on the experiences of the grandmother of one of the producers, tells this Harrison Powell. He mentions the movie in a press statement as a cross between Mean Girls and Golden Girls.

Burstyn and Caan both have an impressive record. Burstyn won the 1975 Oscar for her role in Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and was still four times nominated for an Academy Award, including for her work in The Exorcist and The Last Picture Show.

Also Caan was ever nominated for an Oscar, in 1973, he grabbed just next to the price for role in The Godfather. He was also featured in, among others, Misery, Elf, and tv series Las Vegas.

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