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Google Play Store banned Mining Apps


With the current Update, various categories, from the Google Play Store disappear. The new developer program policies prohibit, among other things, the use of Mining-Apps and all-too-obtrusive ads within the Software.

Google regularly updates its rules for all free and paid Downloads in its App store for Android Smartphones. Now you follow the example of Apple’s, these Apps went out about a month ago from the Online Store. From now on, will also be offered in Google Apps and more, which allow for the Mining of crypto-currencies. Are allowed only those programs that allow the management of the crypto-mining on a different device.

Google Play Store treated Mining Apps as malicious software

The new Directive States that, once the Software crypto mined currencies with the processor or the graphics card of the smartphone, it is automatically removed from the offer. Several developers complain already on Reddit and Twitter because of the custom Directive. Your programs will now be treated like malware. At least the Android users have the opportunity to take Apps away from the official Download Portal. If an iPhone or iPad was not subjected to a Jailbreak, if the current Firmware available, can Apple install-User only programs that the manufacturer’s previously verified and allowed.

Google prohibits in addition, so-called Repetitive applications to automated display repeating content. In the Google Play Store also programs, the show too often, advertising or lead your users intentionally misleading are prohibited now. Developers are not allowed to disguise their identity, otherwise, Google is throwing its Apps is also out of the range. Google is also against adult content and applications that allow the sale of weapons and ammunition.

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