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Google banned crypto-Mining Apps

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Google, over 20 years ago by Larry Page and Sergey Brin founded a technology giant, has banned crypto-Mining Apps from the Android Playstore. The company specializes in Internet-related services and products, such as Online advertising technologies, search, Cloud Computing, Software, Hardware, and much more.

The company has updated the guidelines for the Play Store, the Internet giant has added a new section on crypto-currencies:

We don’t allow Apps, crypto-currencies on devices mines. We allow but Apps, the crypto-currency Mining to remotely manage.

Apple has struggled in June with cryptocurrency-Mining Apps on its devices. During Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple released new App Store policies that prohibit the crypto-currency Mining on iOS devices and Macs. Crypto-Mining applications make the phone susceptible to Malware is responsible for damage to other resources, such as the battery, and more.

Crypto-Mining is an activity that transactions for different types of crypto-currencies is authenticated and the Blockchain Ledger adds. This activity requires huge computer resources. With this policy change, Google would like to ensure that programmers are using the phone is inappropriate to generate excessive heat and damage the device unnecessarily.

Google has also set itself against identity theft and intellectual property. It said:

Apps that use the brand, the title, the Logo or the name of any other App or other device, should not be in a way used that deceptive Use could lead. Do not try to imply an Imitation of, or relationship with Others, where none exists. The Imitation can occur even when no deception is intended. So be careful, if you relate to brands, 28The not belong to you. This does not apply, even if this brand is on Google Play.

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