Golden Girl Betty White (96), still not retired

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While Dutch citizens are deeply worried about retirement, some just don’t think about to stop working. One of those people is Betty White. The 96-year-old actress wants to have a long time to smell the roses.

Betty White

In the documentary Betty White: the First Lady of Television tells director Steven J. Boettcher that Betty, despite the fact that they already eighty years in the world of showbiz is sitting, still is crazy about her work. “They told me that they will never stop. She loves to work, she loves the challenge.”

The docu goes on 21 August in the premiere, but White and her friends have the film already seen. “There were 400 friends present,” says Boettcher to Closer Weekly. “When the documentary was over, she asked:” Is it not too much about Betty?’ It was so cute!”

The actress, who since her 20th in the box, took the opportunity to tell him that she, her success is never taken for granted. “I have for everything an award, even for breathe,” she joked. “I am so incredibly spoiled, I am the most lucky woman that there is, I always work and I do that still. I love it, so I keep going until I had no more work to get.”

White has already a new project in mind where she is with her idol Robert Redford can work. “Oh, there’s an idea! And that would be a very good idea.”, she mysteriously know.

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