Francis Rossi took marriage daughter scary

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Francis Rossi, since the end of the sixties the figurehead of the Status Quo, was pretty nervous when he his daughter to the huwelijksaltaar had to bring. That, he told Daily Mirror.

Francis Rossi rocks on stage but fear the passage to the altar

It was one of the most exciting things that he has in his life has done. “Even for the opening of Live Aid, I was less nervous”, showed the rocker again. Rossi was referring to the famous Live Aid concert from the summer of 1985. Status Quo if the concert open, while millions of people around the world watched.

His daughter Bernadette, who is also in the music, married 14 July in the Canadian Toronto. After the ceremony was Rossi relieved and proud of his daughter. “She looked great and in the end it was a fantastic moment.”

Francis Rossi has eight children. Bernadette is a child from his first marriage with Elizabeth Gernon. Only in 2007, he saw his daughter again with any regularity. Bernadette and The North, such as the band of his daughter’s hot, accompanied Status Quo in that year during a tour.

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