Four cyclists hit by vehicles in Tajikistan

In the south of Tajikistan are four foreign tourists died after being on the bike by a car were hit. That have the authorities of the poor central Asian country announced. Three other tourists were injured. There may be evil intent in the game.

‘Three foreigners died on the spot and another is in the hospital and died”, says the ministry of Home Affairs. The group of tourists comprised two Americans, two Dutch and three others whose nationality was not released. The U.s. embassy confirmed later in the day two dead U.s. citizens.

According to the local news site there was evil intent in the game. The drivers of the car would be after the collision are left and knives on tourists have plugged in. It would also include the possible shots are discharged.

The ministry of Internal Affairs of Tajikistan, said in the evening that after the accident a person was arrested and two others were killed when they resist in the arrest.

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