Flanders knowledge with the singing sisters

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B-Sisters is the name of a new musical vocalist duo, consisting of Sabrina and Dounia Brugmans from the City. The youngest, Sabrina has 11 years old, and stepped on her eighth all the world of music, under the guidance of zangcoach Carina. They sang when, “Together forever”, a song from Marco Borsato. Did Sabrina in the studio of Jean-Pierre Kerkhofs.
The 15-year-old Dounia was two years ago, only the zangmicrobe to address. Together, they are as fun duets to sing under the name B-Sisters. In the beginning of this year started the sisters to work together on the song “Together as one”. The music was written by Erik davis of ED-productions. The song was recorded in Studio Werre. Meanwhile, there was also a video clip included.
The debut single from the B-Sisters “Together as one” is a fact. From 30 July, he is available as a download.

(Nico Vanaken)

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