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Festival goer Tomorrowland: ‘Robbed after spraying pepper spray’

3559a88e7d021a82a3592e929f318cfe - Festival goer Tomorrowland: ‘Robbed after spraying pepper spray’

Friday night would be there during the second festival of Tomorrowland an incident have been with pepper spray. A festival goer testifies on Facebook how her bank card, id card and smartphone was stolen. The police has an investigation open.

Festival goer Kora-Li Melis says on Facebook how they Friday night on the main stage of Tomorrowland attacked with pepper spray. In the crowd that wegvluchtte for the pepper spray, she was to say robbed. It lost Melis aar credit card, identity card and mobile phone.

Especially the loss of her smartphone is the women very angry. ‘On the sd card of my phone, there were hundreds of photos of my kids, trips and vacations, ” says Melis. She focuses to the thieves. “These are totally worthless and have for me a very big emotional value. Do please have the guts to this -all of it is anonymous – in one way or another to me to return!’

The woman has now reported done. The federal police has started an investigation. The organization of Tomorrowland acknowledges and regrets the incident.

Tomorrowland: ‘Try and pepper spray to intercept’

‘Pepper spray is a prohibited weapon in Belgium. That money, of course, on our festival, ” says Festival-spokeswoman Debby Wilmsen. “Our security staff at the access controls to the site of their very best to this type of objects to be intercepted. But unfortunately, it is not excluded that tens of thousands of festival-goers, a few people with bad intentions through the mesh of the net slip.’

The organization of Tomorrowland just yet know that she has no knowledge of similar incidents during the first festival. Were there multiple smart phones of festival-goers stolen.

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