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Exit Scam in Hashflare ?

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HashFlare, the Cloud crypto currency Mining platform, has announced that it will stop all Bitcoin Mining Services. In an official statement Hashflare said, you would stop your Mining Hardware, and all SHA-256-based Mining-disable contracts, as a Bitcoin Mining for the company is no more profit to be profitable, because market fluctuations in the crypto-currencies are very high.

The profit was for more than a month, much lower than the maintenance fees, which led to the.

The company said

We have made every possible effort to resolve the issue. For example, we have drawn a variety of technical solutions into consideration, which would have enabled us, the maintenance and electricity costs. Given the General instability of the market the measures could not, however, affect the current Situation significantly.

Hashflare is one of the largest Cloud Mining platforms. It uses the SHA-256 algorithm. SHA-256 is a cryptographic Hash algorithm, also called “Digest”. It is like a signature for a Text or a file. SHA-256 creates an almost-unique 256-Bit (32-Byte) signature for a Text. In the meantime, the people call on Twitter this is an Exit Scam.

The company said that

BTC Mining is still unprofitable, and therefore, we would like to inform you that we are at the 18. July 2018, the SHA-Hardware disable had to and the reduction of the active SHA-256 contracts on 20. July 2018, under the item 5.5 of our terms and conditions had to be set. This must be accepted at the time of purchase and are the basis for the conclusion of the contract.

The terms and conditions of the company specify that, if the removal of remains for 21 consecutive days becomes unprofitable, the Service is permanently discontinued.

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