Ex-lawyer Milosevic at home shot

BELGRADE – The Serbian lawyer Dragoslav Ognjanovic (57) is near his home in Belgrade shot. According to the police, it seems to be a deliberate assassination attempt. Ognjanovic was one of the lawyers that the Serbian leader Slobodan Milosevic defended during the Yugoslavia-tribunal in The Hague.

Archive view. Dragoslav Ognjanovic, former lawyer of Slobodan Milosevic, surrounded by the press at the time of the Yugoslavia tribunal in The Hague.

The son of Ognjanovic was injured in the attack. Who is behind the attack is unknown. The lawyer defended the recent years, especially prominent figures from the underworld. The last few years, in Belgrade, several leading figures from the Serbian and Montenegrin organised crime networks to life.

Milosevic died in march 2006 during imprisonment in Scheveningen. The former president of Yugoslavia, and later Serbia was indicted for genocide, numerous war crimes and crimes against humanity. By his death the business was discontinued.

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