Elton John and Dutch aids foundation together in fight against aids

The Elton John Aids Foundation together with the Dutch aids foundation in the fight against the proliferation of hiv-infected people in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. Director Louise van Deth from the Dutch aids foundation and the British singer made during AIDS2018 in Amsterdam is well known that they make a joint emergency fund set up.

Elton John has been 25 years in his organization for people with aids and the prevention of infections. According to him, the problem in Eastern Europe, and particularly in the former Soviet Union, “very very”. “It is one of the few regions where the problem gets worse and worse and worse and worse.”

The singer wound during the press conference very much about the lack of political will of the disease the world to help. “The goal is to that for 2030, but that is nonsense. It should be in 2022 have already been stopped”, said the rocker. He called the government: “wake up”. “Together, we can the problem is worldwide stop. As simple as that.”

Of Deth says that the fund is intended for emergency relief to provide people with hiv, activists and local organisations. The foundation of Elton John and the Dutch aids foundation to pull this together 1,75 million euro.

In Eastern Europe and Central Asia’s growing hiv epidemic worryingly quickly, according to the Dutch aids foundation. The number of new hiv infections doubled in the past ten years. Russia is taking the lead, followed by Ukraine. The risk of contamination is not only for at risk groups such as homosexuals, drug users and sex workers, but for the whole population.

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