Dutchman comes to collision Tajikistan

THE HAGUE – In Tajikistan, on Sunday, a Dutch man (56) years to life and a Dutch woman (58) injured. She is in a hospital. The two were part of a group of cyclists who were hit by a car. The families of the man and the woman have now been informed.

Previously, it was known that there is a total of four fatalities are as a result of the incident. Two of them have the American nationality, as reported to the American embassy in the country. About the nationality of the fourth dead, nothing is yet known. In total, the group was composed of seven cyclists.

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There have been a fatal collision. But there is also still investigating whether there was a deliberate attack. We go out of a traffic accident. Other options are also viewed”, reported the authorities in Tajikistan. The ministry of Foreign Affairs can not give information about the circumstances of the incident.

The incident happened in the region of Danghara in the south-west, about one hundred kilometers south of the capital Dushanbe. The Tajik ministry of Internal Affairs reports that three persons died instantly, while the fourth victim in the hospital succumbed to sustained injuries.

The local website reported on the basis of sources that the collision was deliberate. The drivers of the car would be after the collision are left and knives on tourists have plugged in. It would also include the possible shots are discharged. A 21-year-old suspect would be arrested by the police, according to the news site.

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