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Coinbase-advertising is back

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Ads for the popular Fiat-to-crypto-currency Gateway Coinbase are after the lifting of the crypto-advertising bans last month on Facebook and Google services appeared.

The ban was introduced in January as a response to the growing number of crypto-scams on Facebook and Google. Both Facebook as well as Google had expressed concerns that crypto-advertising could threaten their users, and their public Image damage.

While this shift could have protected customers that were affected a lot of legitimate crypto-currency transactions negatively.

A few weeks after the lifting of the ban on user reports today that Coinbase on Facebook and Instagram, the popular image-based Social Media Services, has switched advertising.

Reddit Users have also discovered Coinbase advertising on Google:

The prohibition of Ads with crypto-currency was seen by many as an important factor in January, bear market, where Bitcoin has fallen from 20,000 to just $ 6,000.

Fortunately, the shift in the regulatory framework since then, and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has given the Cryptocurrency a green light to develop themselves and others to follow this example. As has been shown, for example, South Korea recently, a positive attitude, by it repealed the prohibition of ICOs and a framework for fair regulation has introduced.

With positive news for crypto currencies, from large corporations and governments, is also turning slowly in the Sentiment. The feeling is that a price breakout can be expected every day.

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