CELEBRITIES out of the closet in series Videoland

Model Valentijn de Hingh, Heart of the Netherlands-presenter, Mirella van Markus and fashion designer Janice come again out of the closet for a new series of Videoland. The streaming service this year for the first time with a special program around Pride Amsterdam.

Valentijn de Hingh

The children are given pictures are presented of the guests of the program and respond with what they think and feel. The familiar faces are located in a regenboogkast directly behind the children in the studio. A kastcamera records how they respond to the statements of the children. Then they come out of the closet and they go with the children in conversation.

The guests are a lesbian woman (Mirella van Markus), a gay man (Janice), a transgender (Valentine de Hingh), a drag queen (Megan Schoonbrood) and Mr. Leather Europe (Raymond Timmer). Each episode ends with a challenge. The children will receive a theme-related challenge that they in a few minutes to a good end.

The episodes are from Monday to see in Videoland.

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