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Cardi B: “I have the maternity underestimated’

Cardi B is this fall no longer on tour with Bruno Mars. The recently gave birth to American rapper has made life with a newborn baby to be underestimated. ‘Six weeks is not enough to recover.’

Cardi B together with Bruno Mars ‘Finesse’ and went to him this fall to accompany a tour through North America, but those plans are now scrapped. In a message on Instagram that tells the 25-year-old rapper that she needs more time after her delivery than she had expected. Cardi B pleased on July 10, a daughter, Kulture.

“I thought that six weeks was enough to mentally and physically recover from the birth. I also thought that my daughter would be able to bring on tour, but now realize that I motherhood may have underestimated’, says Cardi, B. ‘Not only am I still physically not ready, I can also still not up to my baby to leave, since doctors me have said that it is not healthy for her to take her on tour.’

Bruno Mars has all understanding for her decision. ‘Your own health and that of your family is the most important. I know that the fans will understand. You’re taking absolutely the right decision”, sounds it in his answer. He also promises to her at any concert ‘Bodak Yellow’ to play, its doorbraakhit.

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