Cardi B buys a Lamborghini without a driver’s license

She has no driving licence, but that didn Cardi B to matching Lamborghini’s to buy with her husband, rapper Offset. On Instagram shows off the 25-year-old rapper with the cars.

Cardi B

“Blessed and talented. Official Lamb owners”, wrote Cardi B for a photo of the expensive cars. The rapper sits on a blue variant, while her husband has chosen for a green.

“If I’m going to rap about owning a Lambo, then I’m a f**king Lambo possess,” explains Cardi B in a YouTube video, referring to her hit I Like It. “It interests me nothing that I don’t have driving license I have.” In the video, let them also have the receipt of the cars. She explained more than a half a million dollar (470.000 euro) down at the dealer.

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