Burn California is expanding

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SALVATION – Despite the efforts of 3400 firefighters and 17 blushelikopters extend the natural fires in the north of the Us state of California continues. According to news channel CNN fell on Saturday, five dead. There are six large fires counted, making sure to 38,000 people had to abandon their homes.

Certainly 500 houses and business premises have been destroyed and a further 5000 buildings are threatened by the fire. According to data from the fire is only five percent of the fires under control. The region around the city of Salvation, where 90,000 people live, is the most threatened. Residents are asked to be attentive for possible evacuation.

California is not the only area in the U.S. that is plagued by fires. In total raged Saturday 89 large natural fires in 14 different states, according to figures from the American National Brandcentrum. In the US this year so far 1.7 million hectares of nature was destroyed by fire.

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