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British newspaper doing book open about Qatar: “Carried a sinister campaign to world cup 2022 to get it”

Qatar, the host country for the next football world Cup in 2022, according to the British newspaper Sunday Times a dark campaign to have fought for that world cup organization. The first cycle of competing countries would have been intentionally damaged, which is contrary to the regulations of the Wereldvoetbalbond FIFA.

The Sunday Times brings out that the Qatari organising committee have a PR team and various former agents of the CIA would have paid to “deliberately false information” to spread across Australia and the United States, the main competitors for the world cup organization.

Qatar would various influential Australians and Americans have attracted, that the bids of their own country had to attack. So it would seem as if the two countries among their own people “no support”, which is one of the most important criteria of the FIFA.

Qatar would be with the campaign, a heavy violation of the FIFA regulations to have committed. Which stipulate that “no oral or written statement may be taken, favorable or unfavorable, about the candidatures of other countries”.

The Sunday Times claims to be in possession of an e-mail, leaked by a whistleblower who was involved in the Qatari bid, which the corruption is apparent.

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